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Neck guards are now REQUIRED for HVHL players.

Starting 11/4/23 Neckguards will be required to be worn by all players including Goalies Using the following guidelines.

1. HVHL players must wear all protective equipment required by USA Hockey in its approved and
unaltered form. These equipment requirements may vary by Age Classification. In addition, all HVHL
players must wear commercially available neck protection at all times. This includes all league
games and exhibition games. The first violation of this rule will result in referee issuing a warning to both
benches. A second violation by any player will result in a misconduct to that player. A third violation by
any player will result in a minor penalty and misconduct to that player.

2.Goaltenders – must wear all approved goaltender’s equipment. This shall include: neck guard, goalie
pads, goalie glove, goalie waffle/blocker glove, goalie chest protector and neck protector hanging from
helmet. No player will be allowed to assume the goaltender position or have goaltender privileges without
any of the above equipment. If it becomes necessary to use a temporary goalkeeper as defined by USA Hockey.

Penaltes will begin the weekend of 11/11/23 to give players time to aquire the required equipment.