Feb 10, 2020 • Posted By: hvhl_LS

2019-2020 Final Standings and Matchups

Please check for accuracy and please email the dates and times for the semi final games. Olease report scores via e-mail also.

10-U A 10-U A1 Metro 10-U A1 Atlantic 10-U B 10-U B1
Mamaroneck NP Green Rye Ice Cats Skyliners
North Park NP Blue Palisades Rye Rye
Rye     Palisades Central Park
White Plains     Icedogs MillBrook
Mam v White Plains NP B vs RYE NP Green v Palisades Ice cats V ICEDOGS Skyliners v Millbrook
 2/23 4:15 Hommacks 2/22 5:45 @ RCDS 2/23 10:15 Mackay 2/9 Icedogs won  2/23 2:30 City Ice
       IceDogs Won  
Rye v North Pk     Rye V Palisades RYE v Central Park
2/22/20 11:30 Mckay     2/23 4:10 RCDS 2/23/20 12:05 RCDS
12-U TB Qualifiers 12-U TB HVHL 12-U A    
North Park North Park Millbrook    
NYC Skyliners NYC Skyliners White Plains    
  Rye Rangers Palisades    
  Bedford Rye Rangers    
  NYC SKY vs RYE MillB vs RYE    
  2/22 10:00 a City Ice 2/9 3:45 MHCC    

 Millbrook Won

  NP V Bedford White Plains v Palisades  
  2/23 5:00 Ice House  2/9  WHITE PLAINS Won    
12-U A1Metro 12-U A1 Atlantic 12-U B Metro 12-U B Atlantic  
NC Hockey Club North Rockland Scarsdale Millbrook  
Aviator Vipers Ice Dogs HVPB  
    Scarsdale v HVPB Millbrook v Ice Dogs  
    2/9 HVPB Won  2/23 8:45 Am Ice Time  
NC v Vipers Nor Rock v Aviator      
5:40 2/23 Clary  2/22 7:15 pm  Sporto      
14-U A Metro 14-U A Atlantic 14-U B 14-U TB 14-U TB Qualifiers
North Park New Rochelle North Park Rye Rangers Rye Rangers
Skyliners Bedford White Plains White Plains White Plains
    Bedford Blackhawks Blackhawks
    Ice Dogs Millbrook HVHL only  
North Park v Bedford New Ro v Skyliners North Park v Icedogs RYE VS  
2/22 5:30 City Ice  2/27 7:10 Playland 2/22 4:00 City Ice Millb 2/22 8:30 RCDS  
    White Pl v Bedford White Plains v Blkhawks
     2/15 9:00  Ebersol 2/22 10:30 Ebersol  

 White Plains Won

16-U TB 16-U A 18-U TB 18-U TB  16U TB Qualifiers
Bedford Rye Rangers White Plains Bedford  Bedford
Rye Rangers Nutley Clifton Bedford White Plains  Rye Rangers
Millbrook Bedford Millbrook Millbrook  West Point
So Westchester Scarsdale   Ice Dogs  Millbrook
Bedford v So. Westchester Bed vs NC 2/   White Plains v Millbrook
 2/15 2:40 Harvey 2/23 6:45 A Cl Anderson  2/21 10:00 PM Ebersol  
Rye v Millbrook Rye v Scarsdale   Bedford v Ice Dogs  
 2/25 8:00 PM RCDS  2/23 9:00PM RCDS    2/15 1:10  Harvey  
       Bedford Wins