Jul 15, 2019 • Posted By: hvhl_LS

2019-2020 HVHL Season update

Hope everyone is having a great summer and as we embark on everyone’s favorite time of the season. That of course is scheduling. Just a few things to be aware of. West Point has decided to leave the HVHL and be an independent Tier 3 Tournament Bound organization. To qualify for the State Tournament at tier 3 in the East section All Tournament Bound teams must play each other in a Home and Home Qualification series. These games will count as HVHL games (for HVHL members) leading to our league playoffs. Games vs West Point will not count in HVHL standings and games vs Non-Tournament bound teams will not count in TB qualification Standings. Please continue to enter these games into the website normally and we will take care of the different standings. Please schedule games with the West Point Tournament Bound teams as normal. For all other levels please complete your HVHL division schedules before scheduling any Non-League exhibition games with West Point or any other non HVHL teams. League games must take priority over exhibitions and those games may have to be cancelled to fulfill HVHL game requirements. As soon as the final division placements are set we will update the website and organizations can begin entering their game schedules. Notice will be posted on the website when it is open for entries. It is a good idea to check the website at least once a week for news and announcements.