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HVHL Playoff Overtime Rules.

For all Quarter-final and Semi-final games, regulation ties will proceed to a 5 min Sudden Death overtime period (Goalies do not switch nets). The first 2:30 will be played 4 0n 4. After the first whistle past the 2:30 mark 3 on 3 will be used. In the event the game is still tied a second 5 min OT of 3 on 3 can be played if the time slot permits (Preffered method) If the time slot does not permit a second overtime or there is still no winner after a second overtime, a 5 (five) player shootout will determine the winner. In the event there is no winner after the 5 player shootout there will be a sudden death shootout. No player may shoot twice untill all skaters on the bench have shot. Home team will have choice to shoot first or second in the shoot-out.

For the Finals at WSA the winner will be determined by a 10 min OT period (Goalies do not switch nets) using the same rules but the switch will occur after 5:00 of elapsed time. In the event a winner is not determined a 5 player shoot will be used using same format as above.