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2024 HVHL Playoff Overtime Rules.

For all First round and Semi-final games, regulation ties will proceed to a 5 min Sudden Death overtime period (Goalies do not switch nets). The first 2:30 will be played 4 on 4. After the first whistle past the 2:30 mark 3 on 3 will be used. In the event a penalty is called manpower will be as follows. During 4 on 4 play the penalized team will place penalized player in penalty box and play will continue 4 on 3 with player returning to ice after penalty expires. During 3 on 3 play the penalized player will be placed in the box and be replaced on the ice by another player. The opposing team will place an additional player on the ice and play will continue 4 on 3 until the expiration of the penalty and penalized player returns to the ice when play will continue 4 on 4 until the next whistle, when it will revert to 3 on 3 again. In the event the game is still tied a second 5 min OT of 3 on 3 can be played if the time slot permits (Preffered method) using 3 on 3 penalty rules. If the time slot does not permit a second overtime or there is still no winner after a second overtime, a 5 (five) player shootout will determine the winner. In the event there is no winner after the 5 player shootout there will be a sudden death shootout. No player may shoot twice untill all skaters on the bench have shot. Home team will have choice to shoot first or second in the shoot-out.

There are NO TIMEOUTS in Overtime. The regular timeout does not carry over.

For the Finals at WSA the winner will be determined by a 10 min OT period (Goalies do not switch nets) using the same rules but the switch to 3 on 3 will occur after 5:00 of elapsed time. In the event a winner is not determined a 5 player shoot will be used using same format as above.