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WPY Website

WPY Parents,

Welcome to the website. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with it. All practices and games will be updated here.

Please sign up so that you can have access to your team calendar  

Using the  site is easy. provides:

1) The most up to date schedule

2) easy cell phone integration

3) Ical and google calendar feeds.

4) A weekly reminder

5) email notification of schedule changes.

1) Go to,  login with your email and password.

The following options are available to you:

a) you can export the schedule (not recommended as it will never reflect changes)

b) get the widget (a dynamically update schedule that works on your desktop or smart phone) most recommended.  this is very easy follow the directions below.

c) a ICAL or google calendar feed for those of you that prefer this, note these will dynamically update, but not as quickly as the widget.

d) an automatically generated email sent each Sunday with the week ahead

To get started:

2) Get the widget - Always have the most up to date schedule on your cell phone or desktop.

            a) Click "Tools"

            b) Click set up your widget

            c)  Check the teams you want to see

            d) Click the blue URL (on the right)

            d) email the URL to yourself

            e) open it on your cell phone

            f) book mark it (on your desktop) or add it to your favorites

            g)click it any time to see the latest schedule

This display will automatically reflect any changes to the calendar.

3) Integrate with your Google calendar, or Outlook.

See feeds under tools.

click on rss feeds and calendar..

you will see some text highlighted in a yellow box.  copy this link. you will use this link  for ical, outlook and google calendar to be able to combine all your calendars.

for ical  Mac users:

copy and paste the link.. go into ical: click on calendar on the top tool bar.. click on subscribe: cut and paste the link into the space asking for calendar url.. you are in! rename calendar to say your team name

to import to your iphone: plug your phone into your computer. click on itunes.. get into sync mode as if you were going to sync your iphone. click on the info tab..

scroll down to sync calendars.. make sure your team  calendar is there and is checked off.  hit sync.. this calendar should now show up in your ical calendar on both your mac and your iphone.

google calendar users:

sign in to google calendar: click on "other calendar" on the left side.. at the drop in click on "add by url": paste in the calendar url listed below and the calendar should show up.

Use the link below to combine your google calendar with your blackberry calendar.  the link will walk you through the very simple process.  (this does not have to be done but having calendars combined can cause less confusion with multiple calendars.

the process is simple and will really help keep you informed and organized throughout the season.